Been dealing with severe cystic acne for over a year now 😩 Anyone have any tips or information or even story or just want to relate all is welcome🤗



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  • Therapy.Kat


    I also have cystic acne. No fun at all. Getting some relief from finally seeing a dermatologist. They prescribed 2 ointments, a medicated skin wash, and two pills (Seysara and Sprironolactone). Sending you good vibes!

  • Jewels18


    I went on spiralactone for a little stint I got a rare side effect from the medication that cause fluid retention in my breasts. Very scary and painful. I found a small benefit from going dairy free. Most recently I started using an oil by doterra called HD clear and it’s been one of best treatments I’ve tried. If you know what I mean, I had a small normal patch of skin come about from the oil. When the cysts get too painful and bad, I’ve used hydrocolloid bandaids over night. It doesn’t get totally rid of the cyst but it helps to reduce its size and pain. Hope this helps.

  • brownbear


    I’ve been on so many diff medications since 2016 and NONE have worked. I have severe cystic acne that makes it hard to go out in public without getting looked at and being embarrassed. Good news is I get to start accutane in 5 weeks!!!! Scared of the side-effects, but I’m desperate lol. CeraVe is always a good brand if you wanted to know

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