What’s your personal experience with Zoloft for anxiety?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Whorechata


    I personally feel like it’s not helping my anxiety. I’ve told my psychiatrist this and they’re convinced I need to keep upping my dose. So we’ll see what happens.

  • irisgreen10


    didn’t help me much honestly. i have a tendency towards disordered eating and zoloft killed my appetite and made me loose weight. side effects can hit hard or be barely noticeable, all depends on the person!

  • Fatimah


    I knowbthat different things work for different people.. I refused to take any drugs even tho my psychiatric asked me so many times. I am almost 80% better than last year without a drug, I workout 3 times a week, meditate using an app called balance for like 10 minutes a day.. I'm sleeping better as well. Hope this helps.. I used to laugh at people who say meditate when I did not have anxiety but now I do I see how it makes sense 💜

  • Ehhhh


    Yes, I have found that meditation really helps. I burn incense and found some Buddhist chanting on YouTube that I really like. I have a mala, singing bowl, incense, the works. I stopped for a long time and now I'm back into it. I also have CBD gummies that I occasionally take. I also very occasionally take a Xanax (at the lowest dose), when my other techniques don't work. Because one Rx will last me for months, my doctor doesn't mind prescribing. If finally brokedown to take it when I was dx with breast cancer (I'm fine). I also take CBD oil under my tongue to help me sleep as I have chronic insomnia.

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