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Below are my frustrations with a problem I’m having with my V. If you are not comfortable reading concerning sexual healthy please scroll past. I do not want to offend anyone.

If you made it past the trigger warnings and know how to help or have some words of support I appreciate you. So my V has had problems with odor since I went through puberty when I was 12. I’ve gone to multiple doctors and they’ve all told me everything’s fine and it’s just cause I’m “close to that time of the month”. But this is year round. I can’t help it there’s so much discharge coming out and it leaks through my pantiliner, my underwear, and sometimes through my pants. I’ve tried everything. I stopped wearing pantiliners, drank ludicrous amounts of water, went commando, wore only specific fabrics, changed my laundry detergent, tried TikTok detoxes, used only warm water to clean it, used soap and water, ate pineapple (and learned im allergic to pineapples), took vitamins, etc. Its never gotten worse but its also never gotten better. It smells so strongly sometimes that if I uncross my legs someone across the room can smell it. I have good hygiene, I shower regularly and take care of myself. I don’t know what to do. It’s so embarrassing and I won’t be intimate with my husband sometimes because of it. It gets even worse when that time of the month comes around and it never stops…

Vaginal Discharge

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  • FloridaGirl0831


    Hey there, unfortunately i don't have any solutions to suggest, but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I have experienced excessive vaginal discharge since age 11 and no one has been able to help. Anytime I see a new doctor they insist on doing tests for bacterial vaginosis and yeast and they come back negative. It's really frustrating because it interferes with my life.

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