how are y’all handling the cold and keeping your pain under control since we are now getting into winter?

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  • foksywuff


    sweaters, thicker compression gloves, and leggings no matter what im wearing or as underwear. i need better socks tho 😞

  • Cassidy


    I bondle up but still effects me at night when im tired

  • Shakeszper


    Layers. Long sleeve t-shirts under oversized sweatshirts, socks and slippers. Plus warm herb tea.

  • Lolita


    My most important accessory is my gloves. If my hand are cold, my whole body is in pain. Does it happen to anyone else?

  • TeddyBoi


    The cold is killer for chronic pain. I have too have my pain medicine upped during the winter.

  • HarbingerOfChaos


    "Fingerless" alpaca wool gloves that really just don't have the tips of the fingers, and wool socks despite living in Texas. I also just exist by layering no matter the time of the year, it just depends on if I need a sweater outside because cold or inside because of AC.

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