Do you ever feel like you would prefer medication only when an episode arises instead of preventative medication daily?

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  • CM80


    I think I prefer daily preventative medication. I prefer this mostly because I was taught that meds have to build up in your system to work. Also, I am much better about taking my meds when I have them on the same schedule.

  • FreeSeeker


    In terms of manic episodes, I take Lithium if I feel like one is coming. My Dr's have said it is THE anti manic agent. When I had a severe episode and went to the hospital for two weeks, Lithium brought me back. I don't use it daily, but the docs say I should to combat depression.

  • Tofu14


    I take them every day. I feel so much better and don’t really get episodes that much anymore. I also found that I have a more optimistic perspective on most things and feel better than I used to even though I was t having an episode at all. I agree with the point above that it can take meds a while to build up in your system so it best to take them daily. Generally meds take up to four-six weeks of daily usage to reach their full impact. Also, if you take them only during episodes you are likely to only take the minimum dose (because generally dosage is slowly increased to prevent more severe side affects/allergic reactions and other safety concerns). This means that it likely won’t work as well as it could. The last reason I take mine daily is that the side effects are usually most severe when you first get on a med and then go away soon after. It would really be terrible to have to experience side effects every time you took the med, especially if you only take it when things are bad.

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