TW: SH Scars

So my Grandparents are very conservative and Christians, and they don’t believe in mental health. Like, last time I visited them, I was really depressed, and my Grandpa kept telling me “Wake up, why are you so tired?” And my Grandma is one of those people who believes that only people without a loving family can have depression.
Anyway, I’m going to visit them in June, and I started self harming after my last trip down there, so they don’t know. If they see my scars, which they probably will, how do I navigate that? My Grandma will likely ask about them, and if I tell her, she’ll probably think I’m crazy, or attention seeking. I have no clue how to navigate this…. my parents both said “Well if you didn’t do it, you wouldn’t have this issue” when I asked them. Any tips would be extremely helpful.


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  • Chaddie


    Just explain everything to them, and tell them the truth of how you feel. If they still don’t understand, then you’re fucked:). 👍

  • twentyonepilots


    Aw man, that sucks. 😓 My parents are literally the same way. I hate people who think like that. I unfortunately don't have tips, because I'm navigating this too. But I would probably try to explain what mental health is and why it is real and very important, and if they still don't understand, just maybe think about us and how you're not alone??? I want to help but idk what to say 😓💚

  • Nekopaw66


    To be honest I wouldn’t say anything and just start distancing. They have proven they are not a good support system and you need that right now and do not owe them an explanation. Also if she thinks your “crazy” then that’s her opinion. You also don’t need that in your life. I’m sorry for what your going through. But when they ask you can be honest and say you don’t want to talk about it with people who don’t care enough/ understand.

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