have been having a difficult time the past few weeks with the muscle and joint pain I’ve been experiencing and I feel like it’s just a never ending cycle of never finding out what is going on 😔 the doctors are not sure if it’s fibromyalgia or polyarthralgia or even something else, but for months now, it’s just gotten more significant and I just feel like I’m at a loss. anyone else feeling this way at all?

Joint pain

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Abdominal Distention

Feeling of choking

Generalized pain

Arthralgia, Arthropathy

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  • nocturnalzephyr


    Yeah. Gotten a bunch of tests and so far, everything is normal. Joint pain has been more recent but I've been having the same thing with chronic abdominal pain for 10 years.

    • aln97


      I’ve had the same with the abdominal pain as well, I’m sorry you’ve had the same issues as well 😓

  • Smileys


    My doc just ordered msm for me for joint pain.

  • wise


    how has the weather been? have you noticed rainy/stormy weather makes your pain worse? that's very useful information for your doctor, it helps distinguish what kind of pain you're having

  • Jeannalee


    I have the same problems with more symptoms as well. I had breast implant illness and I got my implants removed with a full em bloc capsulectomy. I had the procedure three months ago and they say that the symptoms will come and go to all the toxins are completely out. My symptoms were away for a little bit and came back. They said that it takes about a year to recover. Does anyone here have breast implants?

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