Relationships with bpd are hard. How can you be aware of whether your hyper fixated on someone or actually have feelings? it’s always hard to tell in the moment.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Coffeek


    I’ve been dealing with that myself actually!😭 for me, when I’m hyper fixated on someone I feel they determine a lot of how my mood will be throughout the day. If they text me or if I see them during the day, I’m extremely happy and euphoric and feel nothing can ruin it. The whole world stops and will begin to feel it revolves solely around them. If I don’t see them or I’m not in contact with them for awhile, the feelings will drop and I’ll feel they don’t matter anymore, it’s like the whole thing disappears in an instant. So..splitting. I definitely feel like splitting constantly indicates you are hyper fixated and relying on them, while actually having feelings for them I find I can be more at peace. Sure, you’ll have difficulties here and there but I find hyperfixation to be way more hell on my mental well-being rather then when I’m actually having real feelings for them, it feels safer. Still chaotic at times, but you aren’t bouncing from here to there here to there with how you feel about them if that makes sense?? I hope this could help in any way but lmk!

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