ok i don’t really know exactly how to explain this but my brain just suddenly decided to outright reject my comfort character but i didn’t have any backups to replace them so now i don’t have one and i’m panicking even tho it’s really not that big of a deal from an outside perspective but like. that character has been my go to for maladaptive daydreaming, and i’m literally writing a novel length reader insert fanfic that follows the show’s plot to the letter and now that’s all out the window and like. i don’t know i’m just freaking out.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


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  • fruitpunk


    I’m really sorry about that! Sudden change sucks. It can be scary when our brain suddenly decides something is no longer the comfort that we’re used to. Try indulging in something else familiar for the moment, whether it be a different special interest, a safe food, or a certain stim or comfort object! Just take things slow, listen to your brain, and be as kind to yourself as possible. 💕

    • rj.crow


      i’ll give it a try! i sat down with my happy light on full blast, so i’ve calmed down enough to potentially enjoy something now

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