Hello! I am 20F and I recieved a late ADHD & ASD diagnosis. I struggle with some anxiety, and I know theres the big thing ab stimulants making ASD or anxiety symptoms worse. So my question is, if you have anxiety + ADHD or ASD + ADHD, which stimulant medication has worked the best for you and why? Thank you

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  • Cash_Money


    Hey there! Personally Adderall XR has been a complete life changer for me. As long as you don’t have a history with addiction and you “take breaks” (my breaks are on the weekends and days I don’t work) then this is a great medication that will help you focus and almost completely got rid of my ADHD caused anxiety. There are a few issues with it though. In my case I have a hard time falling asleep if I take it after 8am, I get irritable, and at the beginning I was exhausted every Saturday when I took my “break”. It’s worth it in my opinion!

    • Ad.Astra


      I'm on Ritalin and its good as shit, but I agree that adderall is a game changer.

  • daisyway13


    adderall xr has been amazing for me! i took vyvance , concerta , and ritilin but adderall has been by far the best

  • cottagedaisy


    I’m on lexapro (MDD, GAD, PTSD) and concerta (ADHD). I got diagnosed last year and I’ll be 30 in November. I should’ve been on it a long time ago but couldn’t afford it 🫠 those have REALLY helped me in so many ways. I had to have them bumped up but best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I just wish i did it sooner. Just don’t skip or miss days. That could be dangerous 🥺

  • itdobelikethat


    I just started Prozac, and I've been on extended release Adderall in the past. I was having some negative side effects, so I switched to immediate release Adderall and sometimes only take half a pill at a time. I like the way Prozac manages my anxiety/depression symptoms, and the adderall helps me when I need to get work done. I think the immediate release works for me because if I'm having negative side effects at any given time, they don't have to last all day

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