I am new here. I am pretty sure I have Crohn’s. I have been misdiagnosed so many times and currently am being treated for IBS. But have been dealing with internal hemorrhoids for years thinking they were just hemorrhoids. My condition has become chronic that is requiring a colonoscopy and surgery to repair my colon after resulting in prolapse. For years I have dealt with psoriasis all over my body, skin tags, ulcers all over my body and in my nose, mouth and genitals. I have been tested three times for herpes virus and shingles all negative. I have complained since a teenager of my symptoms told I have an autoimmune disorder but no one knows what. I have been to infectious disease and autoimmune specialist who has no answers. I always complain of stomach pain. But have been blown off by doctors stating I am over weight, depressed, menopause, suffering from esophagus issues, food poisoning, pancreatic attack. I have had numerous CT scans and an endoscopy only to get told I have inflammation and given antibiotics. Six years ago I was told it was my gallbladder and they removed it. Since several doctors have told me my pain is the phantom gallbladder. When I saw the surgeon for my consult he scheduled a colonoscopy that I will have next week and told me I am probably dealing with Crohn’s. All my life I have suffered. Now at 54 the pain is unbearable. I am hoping surgery helps. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to cope or have similar problems?

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  • ImShari


    You need to find a good gastroenterologist who will listen to you. You don't need to suffer with the pain.

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