my cat was put down last night. she was a sweet old lady who was older than i. today i was hallucinating her being in my room and i panicked. i don’t know how to cope because there’s no one i can relate to on this matter.


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  • Ceddy


    I hallucinate animals a lot and have hallucinated my pets who have passed away before. It's very common and people who haven't experienced hallucinations before might even see their passed away pets. The best way I cope (as long as it isn't a malicious hallucination) is I kinda just pretend it's a ghost saying hi to me. Just checking in, and making sure I'm ok even though I know it's a hallucination. If it is malicious, I usually distract myself. Laptop on my lap, earbuds in, and phone in hand to have the maximum chance of drowning out what's around me.

  • einsteinium


    I actually lost my cat recently as well. Her name was Punky and she was in her early 20s; while I'm barely 19. I haven't hallucinated her, but if you need someone to relate to having an old cat... then I can.

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