does anyone do the liquid diet with gp! my dr not my gi dr recommended it until i see my gi dr to get me through to kind of get things to settle down, but all she could say was smoothies! I am not sure what to put in them since I have uc, gp, and type 2 diabetes!

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  • J4yJ4y


    I can't recommend what to consume for your particular case, as I don't have uc or diabetes, but I did have an awful gastroparesis flare over a year ago and went on a liquid diet to calm it down. For me, I couldn't keep any solid foods down and had dropped 25lbs within 6 weeks..they almost sent me to the ER for a feeding tube placement. Thankfully I was able to get plant-based protein shakes down and stabilized my weight enough to avoid the tube placement. I know there are protein shake options for people with diabetes, so maybe you could find one of those to help? I hope you find relief soon!

    • pixystix1980


      thanks for letting me know what worked for you and what you know of

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