Hello I got tested last yr for HPV along with my pap smear. At the time the pap smear came back normal but the HPV was positive. this yearly exam came back still HPV positive. I am going for colposcopy & biopsy..has anyone been thru this already? Am super nervous..

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  • Paul2


    Not yet, but you will be fine. Just ask for sedation if you're worried about it.

    • lotus16


      thank u...it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...the doctor was great!

  • PandaBear42


    have had 2 coloscopies

  • sarafina321


    I get yearly colposcopies. They're not too bad. Waiting is the hardest part. Always waiting on the phone call. Just find someone you trust to tell and keep an open dialect with them. My husband is my rock.

  • Mrs.Moody


    I've been through it. I had the same procedure done 2 years ago. It feels more like a pinch when getting it done and it's uncomfortable but it doesn't take long. After the procedure I strongly recommend bed rest and no lifting things because if you strain your self you will cause some pain that is very unpleasant. But honestly it's not as bad has it sounds. But I still have to get pap smears every year now

  • Sasspunk311


    Yes, and I’ve had these procedures done as well,💛 I have hpv too. Hang in there💛 we’re in this fight together, feel free to message me.

  • Tauylore


    I have hpv too. Mine didnt clear 😥 I still have it recently just tested and it was still positive but nothing has changed so thats suppose to be a good thing they. So I dont worry about it I constantly pray and live life and I try not to worry my love ones with it also. Its not something I sweep under the rug or anything im just atp in a mutual understanding with it. But they aren't sure if I need the procedure done, the vaginal biopsy I go back the 28th of this month to see if i need it or not. I want to ensure that my health is okay 🙏

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