Has anyone had a lumbar fusion and if so how long will I be in this amount of pain? I had the surgery a week ago.

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  • Betty_Boop


    If you just had it a week ago your bound to be still in a lot of pain! Your lucky when I had mine 25 years ago they opened my stomach and my back up and put a steel rod and heart duty screws in! Then about 2 months down the road I knew something was wrong so in and my aorta was wrapped around it! Had to have it removed and they didn't put in anything else!😣

  • MaryC


    I had fusions from t3 - l5. I was in the hospital for 9 days & rehab for 3 weeks. I went home with quite a bit of pain. That was in 2008 & I still have pain to this day. I wish you well & hope you heal up quickly.

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