I was apparently diagnosed with autism when I went to the mental hospital. I have thought that I'm autistic for a long time, and my family has suspected it too.

I'm going back to school soon, and I know that I'll get a sheet asking what conditions I've been diagnosed with. Does this diagnosis count? Should I check it off on the sheet? I personally feel that I should, I strongly think it's true that I'm autistic, but I wanna know other's opinions beforehand.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • RaineLense


    autism tends to affect peoples life and how they take in and experience the world and people more than people realize, which is what i came to terms with, so it counts, but whether or not you should is fully on you, because once you do, you could be treated and looked at very differently, if you can see to make sure your school staff isnt, well overall isnt abliest in how they treat and talk to people with autism, and dont support stuff like, autism speaks to say they support autism, since unfortunately that vast organization treats people with asd like children that need to be fixed

  • ppkidiot


    I think you should! If you got diagnosed with it, then you got diagnosed with it and it counts.

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