Okay so obviously we knew the gut brain connection is a thing with ibs but has anyone experienced switching letters and words in your head? Like I have been saying things backwards but I’ve been thinking them correctly in my head? Like I was taking to my sis about something and I said the mawn lower instead of lawn mower and it keeps happening with different words. I also have not been able to think of and remember certain words that I should. What is wrong with me?! My stomach has just gotten worse this past year and that’s when my neurological things have been popping up😭😭. My bf just says I’m tired and stressed but like idk.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • Sarah_Jane


    I think it’s possible it could be related to IBS. But it could also be that you are stressed and tired. I know that that stuff happens to me much less since I started the low-FODMAP diet, which helps with a lot of my symptoms

  • Chronicly_Liz


    Yesss all the time. It gets frustrating but more rest helped me.

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