Other than meds, are there any other treatments that might help me?

Tear Film Insufficiency

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  • karinad


    Besides medicated eyedrops there are tear plugs, the eyelid treatment (very expensive and insurance doesn't cover it), warm compresses, drinking electrolytes. The main thing that helped me was Restasis

    • Sapnu


      I struggle with severe dry eye, what is this eyelid surgery called, that is this that is so expensive?

  • fiction.finatic


    I suffer from chronic dry eye. I use Blink Thera Tears eyedrops first thing when I wake up, and right after my nightly bath (I've found that washing my face makes my eyes severely dry because it strips the oils from my eyelids)

  • Jules711


    I ended up getting tear duct plugs in both bottom tear ducts. It helps. Now if I bend over to pull weeds out, it puts pressure on my eyes which make tears flow like I’m crying. Either I have no tears or way too many!

  • ShaShaPoodle


    My eye doctor told me there was nothing more he could do for my chronic dry eyes - other than Bruder compresses. So I’ve been reading and studying about natural remedies and causes. Long story short - I am using Colloidal Silver spray and MSM eye drops and they have been a life saver. I am so happy to share this because I know how miserable I was for many years. It was debilitating to live a normal life. I still periodically do the Bruder compress, but not dependent on it.

    • Sapnu


      please, can you share the brands of the colloidal silver spray and MSM drops so I can research what they are & where I can buy them?

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