Hello! I have been struggling with my childhood trauma for a very long time and am looking to overcome it and prosper. How can I go about this?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Donut


    I’m definitely no expert because I’m still in the process from healing my own traumas. With that said, what I found helpful at the beginning was going through the process of untangling the trauma. For me, this looked like getting a clearer picture of how I view my trauma, where I’ve seen it’s impact, where I see it stemming from, etc. From there, I’ve been able to do things like calling myself out when I’m having a weird reaction and puzzling together even more about my trauma than I ever knew before. That said, this is helpful for me because I find comfort in knowledge and naming things. I’m not sure what you’re dealing with specifically, but for my case I’ve gotten a clearer understanding of what I’m experiencing by reading The Body Keeps The Score. It’s a heavy read, but it also felt really validating to me and also helped me understand 1. I’m not crazy and 2. There’s real science behind why I’m feeling this way.

  • breadbored


    Just always remember that it's a little different for everyone, so you have to be super patient and kind to yourself. That's no reason to feel like you're alone, but not everything that works for those around you, will work for you. That being said, maybe look into EMDR therapy or another type of therapy, it can help. Maybe find some books, I agree with The Body Keeps the Score suggestion. :)

  • l33sa2022


    I've found that it helps to talk. At first I was apprehensive about telling a complete stranger my life story and taking advice but I feel like my therapist and I are friends. Give it a try.

  • TheBigSpook


    My therapist also recommended the book The Body Keeps The Score. I haven’t read much of it yet but so far it’s a really great read. My body has all sorts of weird responses to stress and it helps to know why. Also, if you have ptsd from your trauma I recommend trying emdr therapy and/or a cpt therapy to help you rewrite how you feel about and respond to your trauma and it’s effects on your life

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