I suffer severe abdominal adhesions, is there anyone else who is the same?

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  • LaurentheAries


    I had a complete intestinal obstruction that involved an emergency surgery a few years ago. Scar like tissue is more likely to form now that I’ve gotten my ileum stapled together, but I didn’t lift much for weeks after surgery to prevent the adhesions. How did you find out you have them and do you have any chronic conditions or have had surgery that caused them?

  • MommyShark


    I have complex abdominal and intestinal adhesions obstructing both my fallopian tubes and parts of my small intestines (that they know of). I have a surgery consultation scheduled August 15th with a specialist team at The Coleman Center and the wait is absolutely dreadful. This condition is extremely hard to prove and even more challenging to find a physician who will do the procedure. That's why it is nearly a 5 month wait just for a consultation. The best way to diagnose and treat adhesions is via laproscopy because most adhesions can be removed as they find them. I think what terrifies me most is that some complex adhesions still require an open adhesioylsis. All I can do is put it in Gods hands especially with them not really knowing the extent of my condition. I don't want to be cut clean open because I also have primary lymphedema and veinous reflux which puts me at very high risk for blood clots and infection. Both the lymphedema and adhesions were caused by a botched delivery that ended in a c-section that nearly killed me. 13 years later it's still trying to. 💔

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