I am 25 and I feel like I have failed at life. Considering my age and where I am in terms of my personal achievements and progress, I feel that I have too far behind my peers. I wish to fulfill the dream of finishing my education, getting a respectable job and becoming a well-rounded, contributing member to society.

I am 25 and I have not even gotten my bachelor's or cultivated any meaningful achievements. When I reflect upon this, I really want to go out and buy a $200 revolver with one bullet; it would definitely be easier.


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  • CyberThunder


    I'm the same age and basically in the same situation 🥲 I understand how you feel

  • veminii


    I am 41 so a little bit older then you. But, I have learned that there is no set time in life. Just because society says you should have x,y, and z by this time does not make it right. I did not find a good job until my thirties and got my first after that. You make the rules for your life not anyone else.

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