Hello I’m chell I actually came across this app by random sometimes it’s difficult to talk to others who don’t have your health problems looking forward to getting to know y’all I have hypothyroidism an hashimoto thyroiditis what has helped y’all?


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  • ghouls


    what’s helped me is pushing for my doctors to keep testing my thyroid levels! i’m honestly at the doctor at least once a month. even if you think your meds are correct, you’ll check your levels and see they’re all messed up lol. it’s always worth checking

  • Tinktink


    I just had it checked my tsh is very high but my T4 is normal I will be doing a follow up in a month

  • girlinterrupted


    oh hey i have hashimoto's, tbh even tho i don't stick to it like i should, a less inflammatory diet helped a tonnn. so less gluten, dairy, etc. cutting it out completely is a lot all at once though

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