finally went to see my doctor about adding something extra for my breakthrough anxiety. Buspar it is. between what she told me and what I've found online, I'm confused about it's use. she said I could use it as needed for like a week at a time, or take it every day and see what helps. but from what I've read about it, it isn't an as needed for anxiety like a benzo (Xanax, Ativan) would be. anyone with experience with it have any info to pass along?




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  • Awkweird


    I've been taking it for 10+ years with celexa and I take it daily twice

  • AK11


    You’re supposed to take it daily

  • Mr.Man


    I take Buspar 10 mg early and 15mg evening, and celexa 20 mg daily, I like Buspar it really gives me no side effects

  • Remus87


    I take buspar twice a day and find it helpful as well. I take hydroxyzine as needed

  • Anne8769


    I take BuSpar as well, along with marijuana and it really does help

  • MadMag


    I hate medications and used to take it 3 times daily. It really works well when taken daily. Currently, I use it as needed since I'm mainly in my bed all day everyday. It still helps to take it before going out in the world. No side effects.

  • FutureNurse


    Buspar is supposed to be used as a daily medication not an as needed med, so I’m surprised that you got put on it for breakthrough anxiety. I started taking it twice daily about a month ago. If you’re having concerns, reach out to your doctor. Tell them what you found online. Sometimes they have reasons for what they do, but a lot of times, they just don’t know enough about mental illnesses and medications to treat it especially if it’s a primary care doctor.

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