how do you stop feeling like life isn't real?



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  • LexiRabbit


    What does real mean to you?

    • ina


      sensation, emotion, being present. i dig my nails into my palms to try to feel like i'm not in a dream

  • Ory


    This sounds like a form of disassociation or derealization. Obviously I'm not a professional, and can't diagnose anyone, but I deal with this. It's very hard and frustrating to go through, especially when you have something exciting coming up, but you know it's going to come and go in the blink of an eye and end up feeling like it never even happened. I suggest meditation, and affirmations. Remind yourself to be where you are, smell the air and describe it, close your eyes and listen to your surroundings, try to focus, and then journal all of those feelings, and descriptions after, so you can remember how you felt. It's not for everybody, but occasional cannabis use also helps me. I find my brain gets quiet enough that I can actually communicate with myself clearly in my head, where normally it's just scrambling and busy and it helps with making me feel like I'm really living like a normal person.

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