Lately my eating problems have gotten worse again, i lie and say im not hungry over and over again, it seems to be the only thing i obsess over. Ive never told my therapist about these things and have never gotten help about it. But im at the point where i dont eat for days because if the fear of gaining weight..im not sure what to do

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Wolffgirl


    Have tried getting an app like, "Samsung Health"? You can track your weight and what you eat with it. I had to do so for a few months because noticed I gained weight and panicked. This allows to observe what you eat after you eat it. Without checking the package constantly. And you can track your steps and exercise. This can help a lot with anxiety and worry.

  • quinncore


    you'll always think you're overweight until you start exercising and burning calories. eating hardly puts weight on you, anyways. only eat foods that are necessary if you feel food is making you larger. cut down on snacks and only eat meals. stay safe, zi.<3<3

  • CoffeeAndDogs


    Admitting that there is unhealthy disordered eating going on and that you need help is the first step. There are so many resources and help available out there. Be brave, speak up, reach out 💕

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