Ok so I am currently working on getting off my meds so I take one every other day instead of taking one everyday. But I also have an iron deficiency and I forget to take my iron everyday. What can I do to remember??

Iron Deficiency Anemia

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  • Finches_Wishes


    I found that buying little pill packs that have the weekdays on it helps. That way you can like decorate it and make it fun while still taking care of yourself. And then you just refill it once a week. I put a reminder in my phone for the day I refill.

    • angel14


      thank you this might help

  • Dripsofruby


    I've noticed if I correlate raking my meds with something I do everyday, I won't forget; for example, I know I'm going to brush my teeth in the morning because I hate that morning mouth taste, so I'll leave my meds by the sink and take them after brushing :>

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