have anyone with fibromyalgia also had chest pains that felt like they were having a heart attack? have you been to the hospital repetitively?

I had to wear a heart monitor for 30 days and they didn't see any alarming out of normal or concerning. I've done the treadmill being hooked up to machine and when that didn't work they did a cardiac CT scan where they injected some induced valve opener to cause similar of being exerted (This actually sucked when it happened hated it) and this came back good too.

just about daily I get sharp or aching sensations that can be quick or can last a few seconds.

I'm at the point where I got tired of going to the hospital because I'll be there for hours with blood work, EKG, X-ray even a CT scan and then send me home.

Last visit they said there's a chance getus nerve may have gotten aroused and caused angina?

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  • katc


    Ask about the muscle around the sternum being inflamed. Fibro can cause that issue and has for me many times.

  • porksoda


    i'm undiagnosed and just recently learning about fibromyalgia but i have had many chest pains that felt what i imagine a heart attack feels like. the few times that has happened, it passed after a few seconds/minutes so i haven't gone to the hospital about it. hope things get better 💕

  • Hockeyfan


    I have but now finding out my pain is what’s called MS hug after I was also diagnosed with MS. It can get super intense. Also did all the heart tests and all came back fine.

  • BethAA


    I started having chest pains back in May. I went to the doctor and they did blood work as well as an x-ray 🩻 (my heart was ever so slightly enlarged) and then because of that they sent me to cardiology and they did the stress test. That came out just fine...no issues what so ever. All my blood work was good as well. Oh but my EKG showed abnormalities when they would do them ...the T wave was almost flat...but like I said they found nothing wrong at all when the stress test was done. Anxiety can mimic heart attacks...I have both anxiety and Fibro. I'll have to ask my doctor about that muscle around the sternum being inflamed.

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