so I had a boil in my groin area that I tried everything on but it never came to a head. it has since gotten smaller but I can still feel it underneath the skin. yesterday a new boil popped up in my groin area 🙄😔. it's not too far from the other one,but it's so painful today. a little drainage but nothing since 🥺🥺 help me

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

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  • steelersmom82


    X i am so sorry your going thru this my dermatologist order me some silver silvedene cream when i have a flare and i am in my bleach bath i let that area soak

    • beautywarrior


      thanks I will try the bleach bath and ask about the cream

  • Ughhh


    Try hot water soaks as hot as you can !! See a dermatologist if you don't already. They can give you wipes, wash, creams, and medicine.

    • beautywarrior


      thanks so much I'll ask

  • Lon7


    I've used a warm to hot wash cloth and layed it on the area to draw the puss out.

  • CherryBoo


    Emuaid helps a lot & warm compresses pads

  • Itsamandaliz


    Lots of great ideas here! I use a benzoyl peroxide bar of soap to help mediate symptoms

  • JennySue


    Epsom salt warm baths - if you have access to a hot tub, the chlorine dries it while the warm water softens

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