I hate failing by eating when I watch show or eat and not hungry or tempted to eat and I give in. or eating too much. every day it seems I have to forgive self and keep starting over.

Eating Disorder

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  • karaa


    This relate to me

  • KitKat1450


    I struggled with this for years. I’m so sorry y’all are struggling it can torture. What helped me is to take a second and think about how ill feel after. It didn’t work for months and I’d pretty much disregard and ignore the thought. But eventually the more I did it- the pause and think about how ill feel after- the easier it got until it finally started working. I still use it to this day. Having been doing that for years I have much less urge to binge or use overeating or eating when I’m not hungry as a coping skill. Now my thought process is I have a lot of shit to deal with I don’t want to add on another I’m going to have to deal with. So hope this gives you hope that it doesn’t have to be this way forever but it’s a nightmare to get out of the cycle and I’m so sorry y’all are in it and I hope y’all find what works for y’all.

  • AsianSunshine



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