My girlfriend is leaving me all her big furniture she brought with her into my house. I mean literally giving me it all. It's nothing fantastic. It's a nightstand, bed, and rocking chair. She says it's because she doesn't have room to store it at her ex's.

Now currently her man again.
🙄🤦‍♀️But yet she is doing a long distance relationship with him. Because he doesn't want her living with him. She's moving back in with her mother out of state.I don't really care honestly but thought to put that little confusing gem in. This is the same guy she cheated on me with.

I mean I feel super petty and guilty for feeling petty. All I want to say to her is- "Oh, well. You chose to cheat on me, dump me, and leave." But she's a super proud um...woman. She will never go back on her decisions. Not that I would take her back. Nor ever admit that she did anything wrong.

I will admit though...I like the furniture. Less I got to get for my new place.

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  • DumpsterFire32


    Take the wins when you can, I hope you are doing well!

  • funnygirl


    But be careful. She may take it back later when she gets a new place, so don't fall in love with it

  • Zeeloo


    It's good that you can look at the positives. 🤗

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