my most difficult part of life is making a living. I tried to get disability years ago and it was such a daunting task that failed I couldn't do it again. I have survived on 25 hours work a week, emphasis on survived because I've lived in survival mode for so many years. how do you all manage?



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  • AmyJoy


    Hi! I’m also in survival mode…😢 It is SO hard to live poor…I have a long list of ailments. I have several bone diseases, severe degenerative disc disease, severe osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, spondylitis, emphysema, COPD, and a lot of nerve pain because I have 6 fractures in my back. The fractures are pressing on my nerves….I also have a rectal prolapse, which I will be having my second surgery soon for that. Then I will undergo a shoulder replacement and after I take Boniva for about a year or so, I’ll have more tests run to see if my bones are strong enough for back surgery. I’ve applied many times for disability and was denied. I’ve appealed it and was denied again twice…I now have an attorney so I hope that works… My bills are piled up and I’ve maxed out every credit card I can get my hands on. I turned 62 in March, so now I have a small income as I started drawing my Social Security Retirement and I also receive a small amount of spousal support. It barely pays my rent, phone bill, and water bill. Thank God for Covid, lol, because my City is not disconnecting electric and gas right now! My 2 dogs and 3 kitties keep me company!😊❤️ So, in saying all this, I certainly feel your pain! And that’s another thing! Trying to get pain meds sucks! I’ve been without for about 6 days now. I won’t elaborate on that! Sorry this is SO long, but I just wanted to say “Hi!” and I feel your pain and know the struggle. Hang in there, pray, and keep on going…..

  • Dawn_Recreated


    Wow! Praying for you hun! I've been dealing with chronic pain and psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis and have been really depressed about it and now I see that there are others worse off than me. I should consider myself lucky! But I agree dealing with life is hard!

    • AmyJoy


      yes, life is hard…

  • Kmom9


    It is a daunting task but if you push through, it takes the pressure of money off and you begin to feel better. Anxiety can cause any ailments to feel worse.

    • AmyJoy


      I can push through at home, but I’m in bed A LOT! I have to rest my back every hour and a half to two hours. There’s NO WAY I could work a job….EVER! I DIO have the pressure of money. Living on loans and credit cards. Down to my last card with 600 available credit. No Disability and NO Unemployment.😩😩😩

  • Sonnysgal


    If you ask God to help you with your situation He is waiting for you to cast your cares on Him. I also smoke weed to help with the pain so I don't have to take so many pain pills.

    • AmyJoy


      Aw…I appreciate that, but I’m a SUPER strong Christian! I have done that since day 2, but even though, it doesn’t mean I’m in unbearable pain at times. I just received some morphine pain patches and was SO excited, but just like everything else, it doesn’t take all my pain away… still at 7 to 8 on the scale….

  • Dawn_Recreated


    I too struggle with money for medication and have had to resort to getting a medical card from the state. (PA Medicaid) I didn't want to but that's what it is there for. It has paid for my medicine and appointments. Thank God🙏❤️🙏❤️

  • Susan59


    I am new to this. When I read about you I thought we could be medical twins. I am 59, 60 in Jan. I have COPD, Emphysema, Nueropathy. I recently moved from S.W. Florida, to N.E. Oregon. To be near my daughters and 6 of my grandchildren, I want to better myself and really get to know them all. I want them to feel all the LOVE I have for them all with the time I have left. I have to say that I do feel very alone. I guess thats it for now. Thank You for reading this.

  • Joanie1954


    To get disability you need an attorney who specializes in it. No cost up front. If you win, the judge will give the attorney a fee out of your "back payment, " which is your money from the time you were unable to work. If you lose, no cost to you. Best wishes for your success.

  • Nindy


    I realise how lucky I am to live the uk. I get my treatment and meds from the NHS. I feel so badly for you all. Especially AmyJoy denied disability... That would never happen to you here. I'm shocked. I'm 63 in two weeks time...Feb 2nd... And have emphysema. COPD. And use trelegy inhaler.. I try to walk my dogs daily to keep myself active, but it gets hard sometimes.

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