Who knows what kind of med I should request? I'm on levothyroxine 100mcg and it's doing nothing.my doctor just keeps raising the dose and my numbers are still high and I still feel like crap. Help?



Levothyroxine Sodium

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  • myxedemaqueen


    Hi! I just recently went to an amazing endocrinologist. I used to get my treatment from a general physician. No one told me that Synthroid storage is just as important as how/when you take it. Apparently the medication can decrease in efficiency with heat. So don’t get mail order, don’t store in kitchen or bathroom or near window. I started putting mine by my bed (cool area) & take before my feet hit the floor. Also, don’t take with any other meds or vitamins. You probably heard that you shouldn’t eat until at least 30 min after taking, but be sure to also avoid other interference. We want & NEED our meds fully potent!! Really hope this helps :)

    • spycychkyn


      thanks for the advice! I take it first thing in the morning as well and I still have no results. I feel like I'm taking a lot and it's just not doing anything. I also have to take another pill in the morning but I try to keep them separate. Thanks again.

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