Can’t stop eating and can’t sleep now that i stopped taking ADHD meds

I recently stopped taking adderall for ADHD, about a week ago, and I’m having a really hard time controlling my eating. Didn’t taper or anything really, pretty much just kinda stopped. I was taking adderall ir 3x a day and im then i was just taking it in the morning sometimes and now i haven’t taken it at all for about a week or so I think. But I just keep eating. I don’t even know if I’m really hungry or just bored but I’d love some tips with this!

kinda weird but I have a super hard time falling asleep without adderall because I have too much energy at the end of the day, so if anyone has any advice for this I’d love to hear it!

Also- I stopped taking it because now that I’m taking topamax I feel like I don’t really NEED it as much and I hate the way adderall makes me feel now. I have no energy and get too focused on one or two tasks that end up taking me way too long and I can’t get through everything I need to do.



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