So I haven't been asleep for at least 18 hours now, I called my husbands mom this morning and said that I needed to be at work at 10:30. The problem is she sounded hesitant and told me "I guess we will figure something out." So I had a friend take me to work, when I got there I called my husbands mom back and let her know that I made it to work and even told her I get off at 4:00, she said ok. Well turned out I got off at 3:00 so I called her again and had to leave a voice-mail saying that it would be closer to 4:30 bc I wanted to sit down and eat. Then 4:40 comes around and no ride, no call, nothing. I got extremely irritated that my anxiety and depression started kicking in and had to turn my phone off for a hour or so. Has anyone been in a situation like this???

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  • Ladymj


    There are similar situations i had dealt with

  • Schpamp


    Unfortunately I haven't but I can understand how irritable that must've been. I'm so sorry🥺

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