I have been dealing with Kidney Stones since 2003 all too regularly. I have multiple stones that fall anytime I even get slightly dehydrated. At least 20 ER trips due to UTI and multiple Stones falling. Most times they are accompanied by a UTI. Most recent infection began February 26 2022 and continued through May 2022. I went into Sepsis in May due to the infection not clearing up after 6 different antibiotics. I had a Ureteroscopy with Lithotripsy and Basket May 17.

I feel like my doctors are treating this way too casual and not pursuing anything more or even looking into why my body keeps over producing Calcium Oxolate stones.

Anyone had similar experiences and have ideas to pursue testing on or how to get the doctors to take this more seriously?

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  • Leahness


    They put me on magnesium to prevent kidney stones.

    • LaLaHottel


      good to know. I started some Magnesium gummies to help with muscle pain and such, so hopefully it helps with the stones too

  • 2birds1bush


    I’ve had problems since 2005. The kidney stone test came back and I was prescribed potassium citrate. It has helped. I just saw the urologist last month and he didn’t see any new kidney stones forming.

  • SaraKay


    Have you been tested for MSK (medullary sponge kidney disease)?

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