I'm terrified.... my parents were fighting really bad about money. This isn't the first or the last time. I get severe PTSD from it. I laid down with my boyfriend, crying, and repeating the word "stop" while covering my ears. The walls are so thin you can hear everything as if it was next to you. I have no clue what to do when that happens or to help myself calm down.

Suicidal ideation

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Aive


    What I do is try to listen to music or try to escape to a friend's house

    • DarkMagic


      my boyfriend took me on a walk so I was a little better after that. It just felt awful entering the house again

  • kat32


    I'm so sorry, that is so painful to witness, especially when you can't get away. I'm glad you had your boyfriend with you. I'm here if you ever need a distraction ❤

  • Vyowleta


    I’m really sorry to hear. This reminds me of a similar situation I’m in with my own parents. They fight constantly and when they argue, it gets really bad. My first instinct is to always cover my ears and pray hoping the sounds would go away because my heart would immediately race from there. What I usually do to distract myself is to blast music in my ears, so it sort of blocks them out. Since your bf took you out for a walk, that itself could also be a nice distraction to help you calm down as well. Or like confiding him for comfort is a good way too.

  • FairyPrincesss


    I am so sorry you had to hear that. Definitely put headphones on or get out of the house when this happens if you can.

  • Ash66


    Getting out of the house is a great thing.I didn't do that and it messed me up.Your boyfriend seems like a amazing person.Best of luck Dm me if you need anything ❤️❤️.

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