I'm not sure if I have DID or some.otjer form of mental issue that's similar but I can clearly remember what my alters do and say I even know their names and how they act.

my own family keeps saying that I'm faking it just because I can communicate more with my alters and there's even some days where I doubt myself.

but I hear them In my head saying that's its real its not fake

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • SaviorOfRats


    I'm no expert, but that sounds like DID to me. Every system is different, some have better or worse communication, but that doesn't mean they're faking. Take things slow and be kind to yourself.

    • Moonlit_Goddess


      thank you

  • Balverine


    remember that DID is a dissociative disorder more than an “alters disorder”, the dissociation is the biggest part of it ❤️

  • ryce


    Hey, maybe you should look into OSDD, particularly the 1B type. It's a similar disorder to DID, but without amnesia (which, even in DID, a full "blackout" can even be rare! "Gray outs" and "identity switches" are more common, especially among OSDD systems!) Highly recommend the YouTube channel "The Rings System" and their friend the Alexandrites, they both have great info that may be validating to you. Good luck, feel free to DM!

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