Has anyone found success without medication? I am a terribly messy person, in which I mean I cannot organize my belongings and piles end up everywhere. What therapies have helped? I cannot afford to have someone come help since I am on Medicare part C with disability income.

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    Minimalism! Get rid of ALL the extra, un-needed stuff. That's literally the only thing that helps me. I am incredibly messy, untidy, don't put things away, let piles pile on top of each other, am incredibly distracted and unfocused. I cannot take medication for ADD/ADHD and the messes become paralyzing, makes my anxiety, depression and pain shoot through the roof. I'll start with a pile in the kitchen and 20 minutes later I've detoured off to 4 other rooms and the original pile is still there. I got ruthless about decluttering and getting rid of EVERYTHING I didn't need, use or find useful and that's the only time I felt any kind of control over my ADD and the wake of messes it leaves behind. Now I need to go eat my own words and get myself back on that track lol!

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