what specialist should I see for fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia (FM)


Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • LadyBlkny


    I ws sent to a rheumatologist

    • fibromylisa


      ty that's what I thought but the rheumatologist I see said I need to see a neurologist ha that just means I need to find one that specializes in fibromyalgia. Ty

  • WhiteRaven


    I seen a neurologist.

  • Krimmble


    i go to a pain clinic at UCSF, in the very low chance you live nearby i recommend asking your doctor about getting a referral to them.

  • Sonder0723


    I see a rheumatologist but I have heard of rheums refusing to treat fibro. I don’t really understand why, kind of bs if you ask me.

  • Chosen1618


    I Itch maybe once at the whole year and for two days all over and I feel dizzy or head feels funny but nothing ever happens thank God and my hips and back hurt any body else and chest pain off and on only like once or twice every other month or two but can last a while but not all the time

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