if you struggle with separation anxiety, who (or what) are you attached to? for me its my mom even though I'm almost 20 years old

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  • katyrosso


    im the exact same way. im 18 and still attached to my mother

  • em_Jay


    For me, it is anyone i develope an emotional connection to. Luckily i don't form strong bonds with many still becomes quite exhausting tho.

  • Wompus


    My possum plush and a friend of mine known as JD

  • RiverSpacePirate


    I get attached to anyone really. especially partners though, especially my current boyfriend, I once had a panic attack because he left my house and I felt like I was gonna throw up

  • Cursednoodles


    My husband, I’ve been best friends with him since 7th grade and since we’ve been dating I have become incredibly attached. I’m slowly working on it, but there have been times that I will just start crying when he’s just left to go to the bathroom. And when he goes to classes, if I don’t sleep through it I start to feel physically sick

  • JetMan


    Being attached to parents when you are in your 20ths is absolutely normal. Moreover it would be not a norm other way. It’s absolutely ok to miss people who you spend with almost 99% of your life. It’s a challenge for our mental health to get ourselves out of that condition when we leave home and start leaving our own life apart. That is not the end of era and it doesn’t make you burn all bridges behind. Just relax and see a positive things about that. At the end of the day, your parents will be always happy to see you again.

  • Riverrr


    I still have extreme separation anxiety from my mom and I'm almost 21, I seriously cannot function without my mom's help. I think it all stems from my brother dying when I was really young.

  • Eve_yourmom


    I have separation anxiety really From anyone that I'm really close to mostly my mom and some of my friends when I am alone in a store I start to get nervous and then call my mom and ask her were she is lol. In highschool I fallow my friends around everywhere so I don't lose track of them.

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