Other than medications is there a way I can lower and maintain my blood pressure low and to help with my diabetes, I take pills for them.

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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    Well I did several things so far. I don't drink alcohol, I do not smoke, I have cut most processed foods out of my diet. I am trying to exercise more and watch my meals, amount and frequently......

  • Wayu


    I know this sounds annoying and repetitive but it is what it is and there isn’t much of a way around: Normalize your BMI if it’s high meaning loose weight until you reach a healthy number Do not add sugar or salt to your meals Try to eat fresh avoiding processed which contains high sodium Restrict carbs and bad fat Increase fiber Walk or exercise at least 30 mins every day Drink enough water We all know what to do It’s very hard so we try to find the way around our entire lives and then we face the fact that we get sick and need meds Human nature I guess And for the record I am 100% human so don’t think I got this but I am seriously trying

  • Tress


    I know the times I have went on a diet of mostly protein and vegetables with only fruit being the sugar I take my blood pressure was back down to normal and my blood sugars were stable which was good because I am diabetic.

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