Hello! My name is Sara! I was wondering if any of you experience reoccurring panic attacks and what they are like for you. I get numbness, a burning sensation all over, dry mouth, dizziness, shaking, and my body feels heavy like gravity is almost pulling me down. 😭 I was wondering if any of you experience that.



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  • SkullsAndRoses


    That’s definitely something I experienced too! It took a long time before I found what helped, but you will find what works for you!

  • rj.crow


    I used to have really severe panic attacks like that. Luckily my psych and I figured out a combination of meds that helped

  • GlitterRush


    Definitely! Symptoms are often varied and can change over time and have different degrees of severity. I personally begin shaking, feel light-headed, nauseous, start sweating profusely, feel trapped and scared, i get heart palpitations and typically start to struggle to breath normally.

  • Casper78


    My symptoms are very similar! I feel the shaking and heavy weight, I call it I feel like I’m “jello” and also my body gets really really hot like I’m in sauna.

  • SaraRose


    Thank you all for the help! I didn't realize how severe panic attacks are. I mainly had anxiety attacks when I was younger. So this is new to me. I now know that I can address it when it happens. I will address this with my psychiatrist to see what options I have.

  • Thispoonieoverhere


    I do! Then again I have been diagnosed with Panic Disorder as well. Mine often vary on how they affect me. Some of them I cannot move anything or talk and am just stuck. Others I’m screaming, hyperventilating, shaking, crying. I also know that my panic attacks trigger a POTS flare so then those symptoms get worse as well.

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