Ever since I got on Zoloft I have been struggling to sleep. (Doc says it’s fine bc the medication is working for my anxiety-so sleep ig is something I have to give up in order to feel better💀)At times I feel tired but right when I get in bed all I do is toss and turn and then I’m just wide awake. I sometimes take melatonin but it usually doesn’t work…any suggestions???




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  • justyourlocalcryptid


    try taking it in the morning or as early as possible if you aren’t already. I just started clonidine (as needed) for sleep, maybe there’s something similar they could recommend. CBD gummies could also help. but yeah, melatonin didn’t do much for me either. I’d discuss it more with your psychiatrist if nothing is working, maybe another medication would work better for you. everyone is different. just make sure to take things as prescribed – have your doctor help you wean off if it comes to that, stopping cold turkey really sucks.

    • Crispybuffalo145


      When I first got on Zoloft My nurse practitioner had me take it at night but it was keeping me up so now I’m taking it during the mornings and it’s still keeping me up. Can I just take CBD gummy‘s or do I have to discuss it with my nurse practitioner? He also has me on Xanax to Stop attacks and that’s really helping right now so that’s why he wants to keep me on Zoloft and Xanax until February

      • justyourlocalcryptid


        so I would consult your doctor first before trying CBD gummies. unless you have ADHD or something, it probably wasn’t great to take at night. when I took Zoloft and switched to Lexapro, both times my psychiatrist told me to take it earlier. maybe that was because I’m also on Wellbutrin, but I would ask why they first recommended that you take it at night. idk how long you’ve been taking it in the morning either. if it hasn’t been long, then you’ll need time to adjust. and if you’ve had or start to have more problems, I’d consider switching practitioners. idk if you’re seeing a psychiatrist but I would recommend a psychiatrist specifically. so not just your primary doctor.

  • Teardrops


    I take Sertraline in the morning. I have lots of anxiety issues and lots of PTSD and insomnia I take several meds for the insomnia

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