Does anyone else wake up with anxiety? Like as soon as you wake up you just feel nervous and shakey, like somethings wrong before the day has even started? It’s been happening the last couple of days and I hate it. Im guessing it has to do with school starting up, everyone in the house starts school next week but I don’t start till September 19ish. I’m still nervous about college and what to do. I got in as a civil engineering major but I’m having major doubts now.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Kyralynn


    Everyday!! 😥

  • gurspaceport


    It's the anticipation of what's to come. It could help if you take a few moments to yourself in the morning to really center yourself whether it's meditation, jamming to your favorite band, or a long shower. Taking a little time in the morning to adjust to your day and ground yourself is how made it through highschool andy first year of college.

  • Krusty_Krab


    I used to have this problem with my anxiety alllll the time. Every morning before I went to work. I would wake up very early and even though I was tired, couldn’t go back to sleep because my brain couldn’t stop thinking about all the things ahead of me that day. My stomach would hurt so bad and I would have diarrhea almost every morning just from the stress. Eventually my psychologist ended up suggesting we add another med to my other SSRI I was already taking and that helped SO much. Not to say you should go for a medication right away, but if it gets as bad as mine was, it could help!

  • Flamer


    I used to. I'm finally in a need combo that's helping after several years of trying.

  • PlaslyMeds


    That happened to me this morning, and I honestly don’t know how to fix it. It was about an extra gig for a major show so I ended up driving at 5:30am to the set. I mean it fixed nothing, so I just ended up being super sad, but I faced it and now I have the day to myself I guess

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