so I started the depo shot in February and on March 20th my period started for the first time in probably 1 year and a half and it hasn't stopped it is April 5th and I'm going on 17 days. is that normal?


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  • Lilac_Night


    Definitely not normal to my knowledge. Sometimes spotting or bleeding a bit is normal when you first start. I havent bled in the 3 years ive been on it. Id go see a doctor or at least call because bleeding that long could potentially be harmful.

  • Lilith211


    Doesn’t sound normal. I’ve been on Depo for 10+ years and have only had 2 periods that only lasted maybe a week or less.

  • Zoey_Val


    I can’t say if it’s normal or not but when I first got on the depo shot I bled almost every week for about a year and I got multiple opinions from doctors that said that was fine (?) and then after that I have not gotten a period in the past few years I feel like I have heard different things from everyone with the depo but definitely bring it up to your doctor!

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