i wish people could see that i’m trying. i wish people could see me truly. everyday my brain is fighting with me and i just want it to give me a rest. i don’t want to disappear from this world but i don’t want to keep feeling like i’m burdening everyone close to me just by being in it. it feels so unfair that i will have to go through so much pain yet guilt and shame from others having to sit through my pain. it feels so unfair.

Generalized pain

Chronic Generalized pain

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • girlsmomma


    This is exactly how I feel!

  • D3stiny


    Hey! Definitely understand. I suggest occupying yourself with some hobbies that you love. It could be anything and it can help distract you from these thoughts. It’s completely reasonable feeling like a burden to others, telling you that you “bring the mood down”. But you can’t be a burden to your hobbies. Eventually, once you keep yourself busy, you’ll have to courage to tell others how you feel. Start with baby steps like telling close family members like your siblings. They can’t say anything negative because they love you and live with you. If you don’t have siblings start with relatives. People that truly love you will never see you as a burden

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