So, my boyfriend and I are both diagnosed with OCD, Anxiety, as well as a few others. Most of our symptoms are similar, but the biggest difference is that he has a huge issue with change. I'm going to college in the fall of this year and we have plans to move in together near campus. All of the details have been sorted out and everything's ready for us to move in this summer, but I'm really worried that this huge change is going to be a trigger for him. How can I help him with cope-aheads and know how to support him if he does get stress from it all?

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  • jay_


    the same thing is kind of happening to me as well lol. I would say try to plan chores and where everything will be going ahead of time in order to feel more organized and get a better idea of what’s going where. the small things are definitely important (like silverware, who’s doing groceries, budgeting, etc.)

  • carolinaa


    helping him keep a sense of familiarity by you being around and filling your new space with familiar personal items. what’s helped me feel really at home after moving to collage was having my dorm filled with my stuffed animals, books, art, and posters from home because i’m also really sensitive to change as well but it feels much better to have made the space like my room.

  • Sunflora


    It honestly sounds like you’re already doing everything right! Change is inevitable but having set plans and routines will help a ton!

  • michii


    I think an idea that can help is hanging out overnight with the two of you guys multiple times leading up to it, so he can get used to it little by little, I think that can really help him. For example maybe you guys can plan a trip or just stay at a hotel for a couple nights to simulate living together.

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