i literally cant do this with health anxiety anymore. i’ve become obsessed over EVERYTHING i eat how much water i drink how long i sleep how im not active and what that can lead to , i wont even be doing anything a something bad will pop in my head and i’ll freakout because i think i have it and i get physical symptoms and think i have something else, does anyone else struggle with this? its like never ending torcher all day every day my only break and the only time im “relaxed” is when im sleeping. my health anxiety stems from my ptsd so it’s terrible

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Emily55


    This kinda sounds like OCD which is related to anxiety too.

    • mia_lillliana


      yeah ive been told that alot lol

  • Sunlit_Butterfly


    Wow you pulled the words right out of my brain, especially with the only feeling relaxed when I’m sleeping. I have found that maintaining really good posture has really helped with my chronic pain, but that also means even when I am just sitting or laying down I’m using a large amount of brain power to keep my spine aligned and core engaged. I had a panic attack the other day because I was mad at myself for watching tv in a weird position for less than an hour, scared that it was going to set my entire health progress back a while.

  • Serenity_Love


    Yep same. Between my OCD and anxiety it's hard to not worry

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