Does anyone have tips to just stop picking and scratching? I’m constantly picking at my fingers, face and scabs. It’s hard to just stop. It’s my stress relax for my anxiety I just pick and scratch. So does anyone have some good tips or skills?

Dermatitis factitia

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  • jacksonbrebner


    I agree that fidgets help! what I did was I went to a toy store and tried to find something that gave me sort of the same satisfaction when I played with it. I found that some slime with tiny beads in it is the best for me, I pick/squeeze the beads out whenever I feel the urge to pick and it helps!

  • Coldbrew


    My counselor just gave me some calm strips and I’ve just started using them. They’ve been really helpful so far!

  • ferngully


    I know the weather is starting to warm up so this might not be something but I find that when i don’t see my skin i don’t touch it. When i’m wearing leggings/pj pants, sweatshirts/long sleeves; I don’t visibly see my skin therefore i leave it alone.

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