I am so full of rage. I never express it, yet I feel it always simmering within me. Mostly it involves a person who wronged me and who I realize again and again that I haven't forgiven yet. But I don't know what to do with this rage. I don't think anyone knows I have it all inside of me because I'm a calm and chill person outwardly. I'm the only person who contends with the rage because I'm the only one who even knows it's there. I'm just lost. What do I do with it? It feels like a righteous anger that would be strange to try to banish. Like it deserves a place within me. But it feels lonely too, in being unacknowledged. I just don't know how to handle it. I don't think I'm going to lose control of it, but I feel sad about how it just sits there.



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  • Ladoo


    I guess you'd have to ask yourself what it's doing for you. Is it helping you seek closure? Is it motivating you? Or is it making you focus more on it than the present? Your anger is valid as is the confusion of it's purpose, but you need to acknowledge how it affects you, which is understandably a difficult task.

  • MaryC


    My husband has a similar issue. His doctor put him on citolopram to help calm him. It works well for him. It doesn't numb him but it makes it easier to control

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